Service Times

SouthRidge Fellowship Service Times

When we meet

SouthRidge offers two services! One for the early riser: starting at 9 am, which we’re calling “The Nine” — and one for the sleeper-inner: starting at 11 am, which we’re calling “The Eleven”. Each service will run for approx. 75 minutes. So grab your coffee, tea, favourite Bible app and join us at either service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you want heavy metal or the pipe organ you’ll have to go to a concert hall or give Larry Perkins* a call, but we won’t tell you which for 😉

*Larry is one of our elders who has served faithfully for many years.

Yes. If Lead Pastor Brent is preaching at The Nine, then he’ll be preaching again at The Eleven, though he may change outfits between services.
Yes. All the programs are running at both The Nine and The Eleven plus, if you want to volunteer you can help in one service, then attend the other. Contact us for a full list of service opportunities.
Yes cookies, coffee and tea will be served. And don’t forget we are still on the look out for you cookie monsters! Only two each!
As The Nine service ends people will leave and spots will become available. If, for some reason, you can’t find a spot you can park in the over flow parking area: the school parking lot.
Yes. They will be extra wet. Just kidding! Seriously, the special event will be recorded live at the one service and then played on the video screens at the other service. If a baptism occurred at The Nine, it would be replayed at The Eleven. If it was during The Eleven, it would be replayed the following week at The Nine.
Yes you can attend both. No you can’t gain extra holiness that way. Want to know more about holiness? Check out one of our small groups and start that discussion. To find out more about small groups, contact us.