Fernando and Emma share their story

Web Team SouthRidge Story

In the above video, Fernando explains that they have made a decision to move back to Mexico. This is a huge decision — life changing! He and his family came to Canada several years ago and were very happy here. They had no desire to return to Mexico. God had other plans.

Fernando and Emma started feeling God hint to them that they should return to Mexico back in January 2016. Fernando got connected with a church in Mexico that has a program that supports children who live on the streets. He explained that once he learned about this program it began tugging on his heart. He felt he should be a part of it.

Emma describes her first reaction to Fernando’s idea of returning to Mexico as a “monumental mistake.” She goes on to explain how she had a change of heart because of her study into the armour of God. She also credits her change of heart to interactions with friends at the women’s ministry program Women’s Morning Out. She could discuss her feelings openly with other women from SouthRidge.

But they weren’t entirely sure this was God. They needed clarity. Fernando and Emma prayed for guidance – a lot! God seemed to organize everything perfectly: their children were easily registered into Mexican schools, their house sold quickly, business arrangements came together, and many other indicators occurred.

Feeling confident that God is leading them to Mexico, Fernando and his family are ready to move on Monday. Fernando has committed to helping the Mexican church create a feeding program for children who live on the street. He also is getting involved in fundraising initiatives to help sustain these programs for the longer term.