Global Impact at SouthRidge Langley Church

Impacting the world

As a group of believers our mission is to Love God, change the world, one life at a time. We do this by helping those who are already making a positive impact through various levels of support. We are also excited to raise up those from within our own SouthRidge community and help release them into the world, and provide continued support.

God’s love, compassion and Gospel

God has been at work in SouthRidge developing a sense of compassion and urgency for those not in Canada. Our church has individuals and teams spread out across the globe working hard to bring God’s love and compassion. They spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard or experience the love of God.

SouthRidge Global Impact Focus

Vision: Releasing people for Global Impact

The SouthRidge Global Missions Team has committed to annually facilitating 10% of our regular attenders to impact our world through short and long-term cross cultural ministry experiences.

In order to accomplish this we have adopted a multi-faceted approach to sending short term teams/missionaries:

1. We send annual foreign mission teams to assist a currently supported SouthRidge missionary in the work that they are doing. Current foreign missionaries are: Jutras’ in Poland, Cardona’s in Colombia, McCarthy’s in Papua New Guinea, Lee’s in Italy

2. We work with Starfish Ministries in our focus country of Haiti, partnering with them on short term mission trips (up to 2 per year) and working to advance ongoing Starfish ministry and missions objectives in the Tricotte region of northwest Haiti.

3. We receive proposals from our church partners/regular attenders for other cross cultural/foreign mission trip opportunities that would allow us to send out one other short term team per year.

4. We offer financial support to our partners who are selected to participate in short term/cross cultural missions with other Christian missions organizations/sending agencies.

To learn about current/upcoming missions opportunities and trips with SouthRidge please email or click on the Short-term Missions 2017/2018 tab above.

Global Ministry Grants

Definition and Purpose

SouthRidge seeks to further its vision for Global Impact by providing a limited budget to be used for global ministry grants.  Global Ministry Grants will be made to qualifying applications that demonstrate cohesion with the SouthRidge vision and values and furthers the global impact of SouthRidge.  The intent of these grants is to encourage SouthRidge partners/attenders who are involved as volunteers in ministries with global impact and to support the work these organizations conduct in service to the Kingdom of God.

Amount: Applications requesting up to $2500 dollars are welcome.


Grants will be made using the following parameters:

  1. Global ministry grants are given to projects that can demonstrate a global impact with affinity to the vision and values of SouthRidge.
  2. Applications must come from partners/attenders of SouthRidge and will be submitted to the Global Impact Team for processing.
  3.  Partners or attenders submitting applications must demonstrate a history of commitment and service with the organization,
  4. Only one grant will be made to a project, though partners/attenders can submit applications for other projects run by the same organization.
  5. If more applications are submitted than monies available to grant in any given year preference will be given to:
    a. Applications for an organization that did not previously receive a grant. b. Applications made by a partner/attender who was not previously
    instrumental in helping an organization receive a grant.
    c. Applications for projects that articulate clear objectives or outcomes.
    d. Applications for overseas projects.
    e. Applications intended to serve or assist marginalized or at-risk populations.
    f. Applications for projects in areas that are unreached.
    g. Applications for projects that support church planting.
    h. Applications made by a partner as opposed to an attender of SouthRidge.

Application Process

Partners and attendees of SouthRidge can request an application form from the office, or download it here. Complete the form and submit it to the SouthRidge office.  As part of the application process the Global Impact Team may request an interview.

Application Dates:

The grant application window starts in September. Decisions will be made by the end of November. This window will remain open until the grant money is designated.


SouthRidge Global Impact Team requests a brief report at the conclusion of the project describing how the grant was used and what outcomes were achieved.

2019 Haiti Impact Team

April 13-22, 2019. We will be heading down to our Focus Country, Haiti, to work with Starfish Ministries in the new year. This trip is planned to provide family friendly ministry related projects, as well as construction projects that can be performed by participants of all ages (grade 6 through adult). Team Meeting February 10, 12:30 – 1:30 pm in the boardroom. Cost of trip: $1900

Deadline to apply is January 27th, 2019.
Apply HERE

2019 Mexico Impact Team

March 23-31, 2019.   Ministry projects such, as soccer camp, that are organized and directed by our team in the community of Vicente Guerero. This trip is open to adults and mature kids(grade 6+).  Cost of trip: $1400