Global Impact at SouthRidge Langley Church

Impacting the world

As a group of believers our mission is to Love God, change the world, one life at a time. We do this by helping those who are already making a positive impact through various levels of support. We are also excited to raise up those from within our own SouthRidge community and help release them into the world, and provide continued support.

God’s love, compassion and Gospel

God has been at work in SouthRidge developing a sense of compassion and urgency for those not in Canada. Our church has individuals and teams spread out across the globe working hard to bring God’s love and compassion. They spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard or experience the love of God.

2019 Haiti Impact Team

April 13-22, 2019, we headed down to our Focus Country, Haiti, to work with Starfish Ministries in the new year. This trip is planned to provide family friendly ministry related projects, as well as construction projects that can be performed by participants of all ages (grade 6 through adult).

2019 Mexico Impact Team

March 23-31, 2019.   Ministry projects such, as soccer camp, that are organized and directed by our team in the community of Vicente Guerero. This trip is open to adults and mature kids(grade 6+).