Global Impact at SouthRidge Langley Church

Changing the world

As a group of believers our mission is to Love God, change the world, one life at a time. We do this by helping those who are already making a positive impact through various levels of support. We are also excited to raise up those from within our own SouthRidge community and help release them into the world, and provide continued support.

God’s love, compassion and Gospel

Our church has individuals and teams spread out across the globe working hard to bring God’s love and compassion, and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard of or experienced the love of God.

SouthRidge Global Focus

Vision: Releasing people for Global Change

The SouthRidge Global Missions Team has committed to annually facilitating the opportunity for our regular attenders to impact our world through short and long-term cross cultural ministry experiences.

In order to accomplish this we have adopted a multi-faceted approach to sending short term teams and missionaries:

1. We support 8 missionary couples who work all across the globe. Our current missionaries are: Jutras’ in Poland, Cardonas in Colombia, McCarthys in Papua New Guinea, Lees in Italy, Desbiens in Quebec, Brynjolfsens in BC, Cripps in Saskatchewan, and a local pastor in Lebanon.

2. We partner with Starfish Ministries in the country of Haiti, joining with them on short term mission trips and working to advance ongoing ministry and missions objectives in the Tricotte region of northwest Haiti.

3. We work with Eternal Anchor in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico as they help kids with special needs who have been abandoned by the normal school system. We also work with Mission San Quintin to support under-privileged families and kids in gangs.

4. We offer financial support to our partners who are selected to participate in short term/cross cultural missions with other Christian missions organizations.

To learn about current/upcoming missions opportunities and trips with SouthRidge please email