Be Intentional - Day 20

With this being the week leading into Christmas, kids are now off school, last minute preparations are being made and the to do list is getting taken care of, be sure not to miss the most important part of this season, Jesus. If you are like me, we can get caught up in all the 'things' we need to do and miss the 'person' we need to adore. Keeping Jesus at the centre of this season takes intentionality. Be intentional to carve out time to embrace our Saviour, use the links here provided to start your day off with Him in your quiet time, take in the message this morning, be sure to participate in the Christmas Eve service (did you order your Wonder Box yet?). Be intentional with the conversations you have in your home to dig deeper into all we have been discovering together through the messages and worship this month.

In all of this, come expecting. Expect Jesus to reveal more of Himself and expect some surprises along the way. Open your minds and your hearts to what Jesus has for us this season.

Watch the service
Order your Wonder Box
Come and Behold Him Bible Reading Plan


Experience the Story - Day 13


As we work through the second message of The Sacred Story series we are faced with another opportunity to experience the story that we have heard many times. The challenge is how do we keep the story fresh enough to get something new out of it. This series is designed to relook at these familiar stories with new eyes, to see things that maybe we hadn't noticed before.

Today, as you take in the service, complete with opportunity for worship as we sing familiar carols and engage with the message, why not look for the new and see what God does with it. It could be something that you have never thought about before, or possibly something you had read but not really understand. Whatever it may be, allow God to show up in the familiar and surprise you! Not only this, but why not think about how you can share this 'new' with someone else. Maybe it is someone in your family or it could be a friend or even a neighbour that doesn't go to church. Plan to share with them what you know of the story and then share the 'new' thing you learned this year and how it might have changed your view of the Christmas story.

Christmas was always meant to be in a season such as this with the restrictions we are under, use the 'new' that you are learning to help others see the real story behind Christmas.

Pastor Paul

Worship the Saviour - Day 6

As we enter into the first weekend of December we have begun a new series looking at The Sacred Story. If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to join us for our online service at 10am for the Premiere Service, or anytime with our On Demand Service.

As you take in this service, know that even though we cannot Worship Big together, that doesn't stop us from worshiping Jesus where we are. To help with this, we have created a few questions after the service to help you engage with the message and consider how you can apply the message to your life. If you have others that you are watching the service with, we want you to use these questions to learn and worship together.

If you join us for the Premiere service there is a Live Chat feature. This allows you to say hello to others that are joining the service and to see how they are doing, as well as pose a question or comment from what you heard.

One last suggestion is that to help you grow from what you have learned, why not take a next step in how to apply the message? Pray and ask God what it is that you can take with you or do as a result of what you have learned or were challenged with.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have been touched by the message, there is a new way to share this with our church family at Share Your Story. We would love to hear from you and hear what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. Please don't be shy, share what is going on in your heart and life and see how it encourages others around you.

Pastor Paul