Leaders and Staff at SouthRidge Church in Langley

Our Leadership

A church is not a building. It’s people. A community of people built on and around Jesus. These people here, are the foundation of our community.

Lead Pastor
Brent Chapman

Brent has been with SouthRidge since time began. Or SouthRidge began… one of those. He and his wife Pam were part of the original church plant in 1996. Now, 4 kids later, he’s coaching the whole team. Brent is known for his down-to-earth style, appreciation of humour and desire to serve God boldly. If he could be any fictional character, he’d be Yoda. “Do or do not, there is no try.”

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Children’s Ministry Director
Jonathon Grochowski

Jon is our Children’s Ministry Director and has been on staff at SouthRidge since 2012. Jon is very passionate about teaching kids and inspiring them to know “Jesus for life.” He is also keen on continuing his own education at Columbia Bible College. Jon is a husband and father and loves hanging out with his growing family. When asked if he’s got any hidden talents, he said he can hold his breath for a really long time — he was a lifeguard.

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Youth and Young Adult Director
Ben Kirlik

Ben joined SouthRidge in September of 2015. He leads our Young Adults and youth (HUB) programs. He is a lover of all sports, but most of all hockey. With his wife Alicia, he enjoys backpacking, better coffee than yours (unless you also prefer single origin small batch roasters) and board games of any kind. Say hello to Ben and Alicia if you get a chance, and if you invite them over, they would love to share their coffee and games with you!

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The partners of SouthRidge elect elders to lead us in fulfilling the vision God has given us. Currently serving in this area are:

Rob Brynjolfson, Brent Chapman, Chris Cochand, Clint Heppell, Andrew Janzen (chair), Doug Jarvie, Cameron Keller, Wes Linde, Rob Roffel, Larry Perkins, and Kirk Wood.

Associate Pastor
Wes Linde

Wes has been with SouthRidge since 2012, bringing with him a refreshing enthusiasm connecting people into community (And learning names!). He is a Canucks fan and enjoys running, drinking coffee and gardening… maybe not all at the same time. He and his wife Christy have 4 absurdly adorable children. If Wes could be any fictional character, he’d be Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

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KidsCare Director
Ruth Jarvie

Ruth has been a partner at SouthRidge since 2005, in that time she’s played a key role in the birth of our KidsCare program. A teacher by trade and by temperament, Ruth and her team of dedicated volunteers have engineered special events, offered encouragement, and made church “work” for families who need extra support. Her own experience as a mother of 2, including 1 child on the Autism Spectrum, gives her a depth of understanding that no amount of training can buy. It fits that her favourite quote is the classic: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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Worship Coordinator
Mason Kinna

Prior to becoming the Worship Coordinator here at SouthRidge, Mason has been on staff as an intern since 2014, and has been at SouthRidge his whole life. He was born shortly after the church was planted in 1996, and has been attending with his family ever since. Mason leads the Worship Ministry here at SouthRidge, and you will often see him on stage on Sunday mornings leading our time of worship. He is married to Joy Kinna as of May 2017, and they enjoy great coffee shops, hiking, and creating art together— be it visual arts or music!

Administration and Facilities staff

In the “Getting Stuff Done” category, I’ll take these folks any day!

Nathan Veenstra
Director of Operations
Overseeing operations, finance, HR, and basically everything else that needs to get done

Christine Ens
Office Administrator
Reception and operations

Peggy Ostermeier
Financial Administrator
Accounting, HR, administrative support for segment ministries

Jessica Wilmot
Office Administrator
Administrative support for Outward and Care as well as KidsCare

Laura Veenstra
Office Administrator
Administrative support for Connect and Community

Michelle Kim
SRKids Administrator
Administrative support for SRKids

Pam Chapman
Events Coordinator
Large church event planning, outside rentals

Spencer Goodman
Creative Arts Coordinator

Craig Murphy
Communications Coordinator

Ministry Interns

Ministry interns volunteer their time in their area of interest and gifting while receiving personal coaching and leadership development opportunities.

Bailey Jacobsen
Youth Intern

Zephan McMillan
Club 67 Intern