Welcome! You Belong Here!

Our vision is to see every woman follow Jesus daily, bravely take risks, and live out her faith to the world around her. We don't believe she's meant to do that alone. We do REAL life. Together.

We believe our relationship to God and one another is vital to our spiritual growth. And in community, we can best bravely encourage and spur one another on. God's word is our foundation. Prayer is indispensable. And caring and serving each other is what we do. As we follow Jesus daily, we endeavor to live authentically genuine lives. We laugh, love and lead others to Jesus. Together.

If you want more information or have any questions feel free to email us!

We invite you to join the tribe! Here's how you can plug in:

All ladies are invited to join together for a potluck style Christmas brunch!
Come and be inspired in the true spirit of Christmas, connect with other women and enjoy some jolly good food and fun!  
Wednesday, December 6
9:30am - Noon

Bring a sweet or savoury item
Bring a glue stick, scissors and $5 to build a fun snowflake craft.
Held at SouthRidge Church
Register Now
REAL Summer

All SouthRidge women are welcome to find a fun way to connect and keep growing in your faith this summer!
Join one...join all...You are Welcome!

Pick a Book Club
Hello Mornings Book Club - 1/3 dates begin July 19, 7:00pm in Murrayville
Join other ladies for a super chill book club this summer. Focused on learning to build a grace-filled, life-giving morning routine. Learn how to start our day well and build on simple habits: God time, move time, and plan time: 3 minutes is the goal!

Plug into a Bible Study
Job - Online First Five bible study - 1/8 dates begins July 3
Join other ladies through an online app study of the book of Job. Discover how God longs to help us in our hurt. God has the power to take away all of our problems in pain, but what do we do when He doesn't? Connect with us as we discover the God of hope in our painful situations.

Connect with us and let us know where you want to be and we'll get you there!
We hope you'll join us...You belong here!

REAL Women | YouTube Channel

Can't make it to a study? If any of our planned meet times don't work for you, choose from a number of our FREE Bible Studies - taught by Linda Murdoch. They're all on YouTube - so you can do it on your own or better yet, with friends! So be sure to subscribe and hit that share button!

Parables. The Sermon on the Mount. Miracles. Jesus
Some stories from this book may be familiar and some not. But when we read a miracle, parable or interaction and look at it by itself, we may miss what the author intended for us to see. The disciple Matthew chose the stories and miracles of Jesus and carefully arranged them to teach a greater point. He structured this beautiful book of the bible to emphasize the Truth he is putting on display. Join us as we study these stories in context! Come and discover community, new truths and learn about Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven in this beautifully constructed gospel.
We can't wait to learn with you!
Choose a time of the week
Wednesday mornings in person at church
9:00am - 11:00am
(optional 8:45am walk; study at 9:30 sharp)
Wednesday evenings on Zoom
Thursday mornings on Zoom
Contact us for more information

So tap that finger or click that mouse to get connected! At the very least you'll find encouragement, and at the most we believe you'll find life transformation.

In Jesus, our beauty is found in our unity. Through Him, anything is possible. So please reach out and join our community today!

Relationship. Encouragement. Authenticity. Laughter.

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