Why we’re here. How we got here. What we’re doing.

The Story of SouthRidge Church in Langley

SouthRidge Fellowship, a Baptist church in the Fraser Valley, was born out of a desire to introduce more people to Jesus Christ. Leaders of Cloverdale Baptist in Surrey believed that a daughter church in Langley would be the best way to accomplish this. In the fall of 1994, they invited everyone who was interested to join a church planting team. By January 1996, 40 adults had rallied to establish a new Murrayville church.

As we’ve grown over the years, our passion to see people get to know Jesus Christ has grown and we’ve become a vibrant community of friends, a family of sorts, seeking and serving God together in the community of Langley.

We believe so strongly in this goal that we don’t have members at SouthRidge, we have partners. We’ve been called to partner together to achieve what God wants for us and for the church. As a church, God has blessed us with 3 incredible strengths: young families, community groups that form the core of our church body, and a vibrant worship service.

We finished construction on our church building at 22756 48th Avenue back in 2011. It’s a beautiful, modern facility – God has been excessively good to us! This was a great beginning for our church family to see what opportunities come our way in the years to come.

SouthRidge is part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada.

SouthRidge’s Mission

Love God. Change the world. One life at a time.

Check out the message series called “This is who we are, you belong here” that explains our mission statement.

SouthRidge’s 2021 Vision

As we FOLLOW JESUS DAILY, we will intentionally take RISKS to bravely LIVE OUTWARD.