The Life of our church is found in Community Groups. It is in Community Groups that we experience worship, community, and mission throughout the week in our neighbourhoods.

If you would like to be in a Community Group, make sure to sign up for one in the link below. Be sure to include your address so we can guide you to one in your neighbourhood. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Wes.
I would like to sign up for a Community Group
Linde Group | Murrayville
Sundays 7pm
E&L Strelau | Murrayville
Tuesdays 7pm
L&L Strelau Group | Murrayville
Thursdays 7pm
Triemstra Group | Murrayville
Mondays 7pm
Chapman Group | Murrayville
Thursdays 7pm
Thrive Support Group | Murrayville
Supporting those with special needs
Mondays 7pm | Monthly
Young Adults | Murrayville
Mondays 7pm
Wallace Group | Langley City
Wednesdays 7pm
Olson Group | Maple Ridge
Tuesdays 7pm | Bi-weekly
The Shop Men's Group | Brookswood
A place for guys to share life together
Tuesdays 7pm
Radtke Group | East Township
Thursdays 7pm
Taylor Group | Aldergrove
Olson Group | Aldergrove
Tuesdays 7pm | Bi-weekly
Christensen Group | Walnut Grove
Tuesdays 7pm
Ens Group | Fort Langley
Mondays 7pm
REAL Mornings Group | Murrayville
Ladies, you're invited to join us!
Various days | Mornings and evenings

Current Groups
Check back regularly as new groups may be added or information may change

Murrayville Groups 

Linde Group 
Meets every second week on Sundays
We are a multi-generational group that enjoys studies, prayer, volunteering and social activities. People who like studying the Bible and praying together, learning from different ages, social events with the kids, and outdoor activities would enjoy this group.

Perkins Group
Meets weekly on Wednesdays 

Triemstra Group
Meets weekly on Mondays

Strelau Group
Meets weekly on Thursdays
We are a mix of generations who follow the weekly sermons. We love to laugh. We are family & kid friendly (but kids are not part of our discussions) and have a number of singles in our group too.

Thrive Support Group
Meets first Monday of the month
SouthRidge Church
We are a group of parents and caregivers of children/youth that require extra support.

REAL Mornings - Ladies Group
Meets weekly on Wednesday mornings
SouthRidge Church
We invite you to join us and discover new relationships, new friendships. Find fresh encouragement with authentic like-minded women who love to laugh and do life together!

Perkins/Schurch Ladies Group
Meets weekly on Friday mornings
Currently we are studying Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering by Angela Thomas

Strelau/Heppell Ladies Group
Meets every other Thursday morning
Currently we are studying TrueWoman101 by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh Demoss

Kinna Group
Meets Monday evenings
We are a group of young adults getting together and holding each other up through life

Brookswood Groups

The Shop - Steven's Group
Meets weekly on Tuesdays
We are a group of men of all ages who share life together and build real friendships. We're a group of men who love the Lord Jesus and strive to live for Him.

Willoughby and Walnut Grove Groups

McMillan Group
Meets weekly on Sundays

We are a diverse group of seniors, middle aged, and young families.

Christensen Group
Meets weekly on Tuesdays
We are a group that is geared towards families with young children.

Ens Group
Meets weekly on Mondays
We are an adult group that enjoys studying God's word, holding each other up in prayer, and volunteering in our community.

Olson Group
Meets weekly on Wednesdays
We are a brand new group of multi-generational adults that likes to study God's word and fellowship together.

WakeUp Deborah - Brynjolfson Group
Meets on the first Tuesday of the month
This is a group of mother's gathering to pray for their children.

South Surrey Group

Janzen Group
Meets bi-weeklyy on Tuesdays

We do intentional book studies, occasional volunteer work with outreach ministries, and are an adult-only mixed age group of couples (all parents). Many of the group members are also self-employed business owners.

Aldergrove and East Township Groups

Taylor Group
Meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month

We are an adult-only group that starts with some social time and snacks and we then move into an ice-breaker type question, bible study and prayer.

Radtke Group
Meets bi-weekly on Thursdays 
We do various learning and social gathering to grow in deeper relationship with God and each other. 

WakeUp Deborah - deVries/Sawatsky Group
Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month
This is a group of mother's gathering to pray for their children.


What is a community group at SouthRidge?
A Community Group is a bunch of people getting together in each other’s homes. Group sizes vary, but we like them smaller rather than larger. Some community groups move around while other groups meet at the same location. Some groups meet weekly while other groups meet every other week. As you can tell, our community groups are a fruit salad of variety.

Why is being in a Community Group so important?
Even though every group looks a little different, they are all focused on connecting people. This is done through relationship building, caring for one another’s needs, and seeing spiritual change occur in each other’s lives.

What is the required commitment?
Many groups meet either once a week, every 2 weeks, or twice a month formally. Because we encourage contribution to a group, we encourage you to attend as many as you can to build deeper friendships. We hope that friendships will develop a desire to meet outside of formal gatherings. That being said, we do not require people to attend any amount of times.

Which group should I join, and how do I join?
We would encourage you to attend a group closest to your neighbourhood. However, we do allow for people to attend a different one if they feel they fit well with another group of people. You can connect with one of the leaders, a participant in a group, or ask Wes to help you find an appropriate group.

Can my kids go?
Possibly. Each group decides on their own if there is childcare. Often an older child will look after the younger ones while the adults have some time to pray and study. Some groups also pitch in a couple dollars each to pay for childcare.

Does it cost money?