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About Community Groups

Community Groups are founded on three main elements, Connect, Care, and Change. We are passionate about connecting people to each other for long-lasting friendships, caring for each other as we live our lives together, and seeking the Lord to see our lives changed. Church is not Sunday, it is everyday. As you live your lives with the people from your Community group, you therefore are living out the mission of the church, regardless of when you meet together formally or in parts. Check out our FAQ or view the list of all our groups

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FAQ about community groups

What is a community group at SouthRidge?

A Community Group is a bunch of people getting together in each other’s homes. Group sizes vary, but we like them smaller rather than larger. Some community groups move around while other groups meet at the same location. Some groups meet weekly while other groups meet every other week. As you can tell, our community groups are a fruit salad of variety.

Why’s being in a Community Group so important?

Even though every group looks a little different, they are all focused on connecting people. This is done through relationship building, caring for one another’s needs, and seeing spiritual change occur in each other’s lives.

When and where do groups meet?

We have groups that meet all over Langley, Surrey, and Abbotsford.

What is the required commitment?

Many groups meet either once a week, every 2 weeks, or twice a month formally. Because we encourage contribution to a group, we encourage you to attend as many as you can to build deeper friendships. We hope that friendships will develop a desire to meet outside of formal gatherings. That being said, we do not require people to attend any amount of times.

Which group should I join, and how do I join?

We would encourage you to attend a group closest to your neighbourhood. However, we do allow for people to attend a different one if they feel they fit well with another group of people. You can connect with one of the leaders, a participant in a group, or ask Wes to help you find an appropriate group. You can also browse through our groups below.

Can my kids go?

Possibly. Each group decides on their own if there is childcare. Often an older child will look after the younger ones while the adults have some time to pray and study. Some groups also pitch in a couple dollars each to pay for childcare.

What should I bring?

You don’t have to take anything, but a Bible or Bible app might be a handy item.

Does it cost money?


List of Groups

We’ve made it easy for you to find the right group.

You can sort by location or by meeting date and in the future we’ll make it so you can sort by which group has the tastiest pre-night treats.


Wes & Christy Linde

Fred Fang (Mandarine)

Thrive Support Group

Craig Macpherson & Colson Kinna (Young Adults)

Josh & Miriah Kulhawy (20 somethings)

Larry & Judy Perkins

Anthony & Kristin Triemstra

Chapman, Janzen, & Bukowsky

Paul & Hilary Bagshaw

Langley City

Paul & Corina Brown


Nathan & Laura Veenstra

Chris & Darci Taylor

Terry & Debbie Radtke

Abel & Victoria Strujenco

South Langley

Leon & Sharon Vose

North Langley

Grant & Kathleen McMillan

Jason & Marla Christensen

Carl & Julie Ens

Craig & Carry Murphy

Lewers, Zephan, & Alex

South Surrey

Andrew & Charlene Janzen

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Just fill out the form below and a small group leader will contact you. Next thing you know you’re chillaxing with other small groupers sipping coffee wondering why you weren’t in a group before.


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