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About SouthRidge Kids

We can’t help but get excited around here about leading kids to know Jesus for Life. This just means we want to see kids get to know Jesus right now in a deep and real way and in a way that they continue to seek him their whole lives.

Hey you! Yeah you, the parent.

We want to be part of your team! We are committed to partnering with you by providing a community of leaders that will join you on this journey to lead your children to know Jesus for Life.

Childcare range

Care for children from birth to grade 7

The nursery is open when you arrive on Sunday morning, but ages 2 1/2 – Grade 7 join us for the first part of the main service, before being dismissed to their classes. Please sign in at the SouthRidge Kids registration table upstairs when you first arrive on your first (of many, hopefully) visit.

Infant care

Nursery – Age 0-3

Nursery Program

The best thing about our nursery is our caring volunteers ready to show Jesus’ love and compassion to your little ones. But you should also know that we have baby change tables, a sleeping room and comfortable seating for nursing mothers. The nursery is open 10 mins before the service starts on Sunday (that’s 9:50am).

Elementary School

Age 3-Kindergarten

From the warm welcome they receive to the interactive Bible stories and hands on activities, children will experience love and belonging. We want them to feel that this is a safe and fun place to experience the wonder of who God is.

Grade 1-Grade 5

We want to encourage children to build an authentic faith in Jesus by creating space for them to experience God each week and connect them into a small group with leaders who know them and love Jesus.

Grades 6 and 7

Club 67

Club 67 program

This summer Club 67 will be serving in our SR Kids outdoor program – “Amped!” They will be helping run a kids activity outdoors as well as walking through devotional with an age specific small group.
Please meet at 9:45am in room 220 for a team meeting each Sunday to find out where you will be serving that morning.

Learn more about Club 67.

Special Needs

Children who need a little extra support

KidsCare Program

We’re happy to help every child participate in and enjoy church! Our KidsCare program is designed to embrace families of children with extra support needs. On Sunday, the KidsCare room is available for children who could use a break and if needed, we will assign a trained volunteer (or “Buddy”) to support your child one-on-one. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ruth, director of KidsCare.

Children’s Program Staff

Meet the team



Children’s Ministry Director





  • Jonathan Grochowski - Director of SRkids Program


    Children’s Ministry Director

  • Ruth Jarvie - SouthRidge, Langley Church


    KidsCare Director

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