Banished and estranged

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Summary of Banished and estranged


Marc attempts to explain his very complicated family tree. He explains that conflict arises when his family gets together.

2 Samuel 14:14

These chapters tell the story of King David’s son and daughter. David’s son Abnon lusted after his half-sister Tamar and so he raoed her. After doing this he hated his sister.


There’s are probably 3 reactions to this:

  1. Vigilante – get justice now!
  2. Empathy for the victim – care for those who are hurt and ignore the ones who do the hurting
  3. Blame the parenting skills of the accused – King David did nothing. Everyone knew his past adultery and murdering. Perhaps David felt inadequate to serve as arbiter.

Absolum’s reaction (2 Sam 13:24-34)

David’s oldest son took matters into his own hands to seek out justice. He planned his revenge for over two years. Absolum then fled and hid from his father because he had done a revenge killing. Absolum hid for three years.

Result of revenge

Marc outlines the tragic results of a revengeful action. No result was positive. It broke the family apart in geography, emotionally, and physically.

2 Samuel 14:4-14

An intervention occurred for David. It was made clear to David that he will offer grace to others but he withholds grace from his own son Absolum. This is not God’s desire! God wants reconciliation between people and he wants reconciliation with us!

Jesus is reconciliation with God

God offers grace so no one is banished forever. Jesus’ sacrifice (he took our penalties) and allows for our return from separation from God. Through Jesus we can be reconciled with God.

There is no room for grudges

Don’t withhold grace, forgiveness and reconciliation because it is counter to God’s nature. God doesn’t withhold his grace, forgiveness from us. He continually has offered us a way for reconciliation.

About this Message Series

Our summer message series this year is “Stories BC”! And no we won’t be listening to Pastor Brent Chapman tell personal stories all summer long, it is even better than that.  We are sharing stories of people who lived before Jesus Christ,  learning from their lessons of faith, generosity, courage and trust in God.  Join us each week for a new story!

About the speaker

Marc Kinna is a partner at SouthRidge and serves on our board. He is the husband to Karen Kinna, father of three children, and an avid blogger. Check out his blog here.