Our typical Bible engagement happens one verse or a few verses at a time. If we are investing more time, we may read a chapter or a few chapters at a time. However, many of the books in Scripture were intended to be read at one time. Bible Binge is an opportunity for us to encounter a book of the Bible in the way it was intended.
Starting in February, SouthRidge will be starting a new sermon series in 1 Corinthians, and we will go through it a few verses or paragraphs each weekend. So, in preparation for this upcoming sermon series, you are invited to binge on 1 Corinthians.
Hosted by Sarah Friesen, Dr Larry Perkins, and Pastor Greg Harris
January 29 | Noon - 2pm

SouthRidge Fireside Room
This event will include a brief introduction of the book and our time together, and then we will jump right into reading the text in sections, with a number of brief summarizing statements interspersed throughout to help us all get a grasp of what we just read.
Lunch will be provided
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