We are excited about our BIBLE IN SIX series. We are venturing out to read the entire bible in six months. Yup, you heard that right from now until June. You can find the current months reading plan below. We believe that every Christian needs to read the whole bible in a year, every year. This year we want to get ahead of the game and jump head-first as many things have been taken away from us, what remains is all we need, our God and His word. Join us as a family as we do this together.

Bible in Six Resources

Download June Reading Plan (Part 1)
Download June Reading Plan (Part 2)
Note: The simplified reading plan for this month will not mirror the full reading plan as it has in the previous months in order to allow for opportunity to read through all the letters of the New Testament.
Download May Reading Play (Part 2)
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Family Bible study guide

Daily 5 Minute BIBLE IN SIX Podcast

Video Resources:
June 7: Acts
June 10: Galatians
June 11: 1 Thessalonians  |  2 Thessalonians
June 12: 1 Corinthians
June 13: 2 Corinthians
June 15: Romans
June 18: Colossians
May 16: Zechariah
June 19: Philemon   |  Ephesians  |  Philippians
June 20: 1 Timothy  |  Titus
June 21: 1 Peter  |  Hebrews
June 23: 2 Timothy  |  2 Peter  |  Jude
June 24: 1-3 John
June 25: Revelation
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Audio Bible Resources:
Streetlights Audio Bible App (mostly New Testament)
YouVersion Bible App (Audio Bible within app)
Bible.is (Audio Bible App)

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