By faith Gideon

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Summary of By faith Gideon


Wes starts by telling the audience about illogical fears and he shares the illogical fear he had while watching his 8-year old son try various extreme activities at camp Qwanoes. Wes shares the fearful feelings he had while watching his son. He knew everything was safe but he still had fears. Then Wes focuses the message to logical fears.

Judges chapter 6 – a summary of Gideon

Wes provides a verbal summary of Chapters 6 from the book of Judges from the Bible. Gideon has an encounter from an angelic being. This event occurred during a time when terrible things were happening in Israel. Israel was being terrorized by its enemies. Gideon was told to attack Israel’s enemies, and Gideon asked God for confirmation of the request through two miraculous signs.

Gideon a faithful person?

Wes points out that Gideon asked God to confirm the message two times! How is Gideon a faith role model? He didn’t take action when God first asked him. Wes uses Gideon as a comparison to our own modern day skepticism towards God. In our culture (even church culture) we don’t take action until we are certain!

Missing a flight home from Mexico

Wes tells a long story of how the Mexico mission trip missed their flight home. Wes explains how God turned a missed flight in San Diego into a wonderful experience for the team. They all got to go have a wonderful worshipful experience at a local church — this would never have happened if they didn’t miss their flight.


Where is our lack of faith? Perhaps it centers around money or status or relationships. The truth is that we must be reliant on God through faith.

About this Message Series

This is a message in a series called By faith focusing on Hebrews 11. This series looks at old testament characters, their trust in God, and the promises God made to them. This series was started in July 2017.

About the Speaker

Wes Linde is an associate pastor at SouthRidge Church in Langley. He became a believer in his late teens and when God called him into youth pastoral ministries he nodded and said, “that makes total sense!”