Deep Roots

Web Team Message, This verse changed my life, Wes Linde


Passage – Passage 1:1-20

People think they can do “life” on their own. Trusting in Jesus brings growth in our life. Wes compares his love of gardening and the “produce” trusting in Jesus will bring.

Being shallow in our faith is like a plant with shallow roots. Deep roots secure the plant and help it last longer. Trusting in Jesus help “strengthen roots,” meaning the testing of our faith can withstand strong attack from doubts and disbelief. Wes compares this to ripping out a bush with deep roots. “Blessed are the ones who trust in the Lord and whose confidence is in him.”

About the Speaker

Wes Linde is the youth pastor at SouthRidge Church in Langley. He became a believer in his late teens and when God called him into youth pastoral ministries he nodded and said, “that makes total sense!”