Got faith?

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Summary of Got faith?


Kirk begins with a story about Kallin and Sean. These two boys were students in University and neither of them prepare for their final exams. They even slept in and missed the start of their exam. Instead of telling the truth they devised a lie about a flat tire. Their professor said they could write the exam and when they took the exam at a later time they were asked which tire was flat? The point is that these two had too much faith in themselves.

Religions and Athens in Rome

Kirk provides lots of examples of religions that had misplaced faith in not just one god, but many gods. Paul, a schooled Jew, became a committed evangelist for Jesus and God’s message to his fellow Jews. This made the Jews mad and they forced Paul to leave the Jewish hub areas. So Paul travelled to Athens he discovered that there were 100s of idols and false gods. They even had a monument to the unknown god.

The unknown god

Kirk points out that many in our own community circles don’t know God. There still is an unknown god out there to many. Our God is unknown to many!

In matters of faith, look to the witnesses

Paul, when in Athens, got the opportunity to preach to high level Roman officials. Some even became believers. Paul was a “faith witness.” He had an impact on those in his community circles. Kirk asks us who are our witnesses in our lives? Who had an impact in our lives regarding God and his son Jesus. Kirk tells his own story of how many people influenced him regarding God.

God gives us opportunities to tell people about God

Kirk provides lots of examples of how we can tell those in our community circles about Jesus and his sacrifice. (John 1:18). Jesus has made God known. Jesus has shown us about God’s true nature to love us.

What did Jesus do for us

Hebrews 12:1-3

  • He endured the cross and took the full shame of our sin
  • Jesus was without sin, he perfectly submitted to God’s will
  • He is the model for faith

Jesus and our sin

Kirk calls on those in the audience who do not know Jesus to connect with him regarding this concept.

Look to those who trusted what they could not yet see

Kirk provides many examples of those who, in the old testament, could not see Jesus but knew a saviour was coming. (Abraham, the Exiled Israelite people crossing the parted Red Sea.)

Kirk then challenge the audience, asking where is our faith challenge?

About this Message Series

This is a message in a series called By faith focusing on Hebrews 11. This series looks at old testament characters, their trust in God, and the promises God made to them. This series was started in July 2017.

About the Speaker

Kirk Wood is the associate pastor of community engagement at SouthRidge Church in Langley. He grew up loving hockey and even became a pro hockey ref, as well as a fire fighter, all before becoming a pastor.