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Summary of Hear and live

Guest speaker, David Ash, speaks at SouthRidge Fellowship, in Langley BC. He speaks on hearing and living. This is part of our “Hear & Obey” message series.

Preamble by Brent

Brent introduces David Ash. Brent met him at a prayer breakfast where David was the guest speaker. David is not a professional speaker. He is a entrepreneur and a businessman. Today he is going to talk about what God has asked him and his wife to do.

Preamble by David Ash.

A little voice in the back of David’s head asked him, “why are you going on stage to tell your story? You are an introvert!” David explains how, after reading a verse in 1 Peter, he realised he needs to tell others his story of how he found Jesus.

Prior to Jesus

Before David met Jesus the only priority in his life was his family, and his success in business. It all started to change when David’s new housekeeper, Bonnie, started to pray for his family. Bonnie was a believer and felt the calling to pray for the Ash family. Bonnie started to pray for David’s wife when she told Bonnie about life’s troubles.

David’s early life

David dropped out of highschool. He enjoyed recreational drugs. David’s own mother had mental health issued. When David was 23, his father died and since he was the caregiver for David’s mother, she ended up on the street and ended up dying soon after this.

David’s perspective on Christians

David felt that Christians were hypocritical. But then Bonnie, his housekeeper, finally got the courage to ask David and his family to CLA. David like Bonnie and he didn’t view her as a hypothetical Christian. So he agreed to go.

Third time’s a charm

At the service David was moved to tears, and he had no idea why! He assumed he was getting sick and rationalized it away. And he decided to go again to try and remain calm the whole service and prove to himself that he could figure out what this experience was all about. The second service caused him to cry again! So he tried again at a third service! At the end of the third service he ends up praying with the pastor who explained the concept of being “born again.” David explains that this concept made no sense and yet total sense at the same time! And that day David met God. A little later David’s wife had her own spiritual moment that ignited her love for God.

A Christian at 40 years

As a new Christian he and his wife knew they loves God and needed him but they had no idea what they believed (theology). David and his wife get connected with YWAM, a Christian outreach organization. David describes this experience as a spiritual boot camp.

Volunteering with YWAM

David tells several stories about his experiences working in third world countries working with orphanages and refugee camps. He describes stories of violence and riots. He had emotional highs and lows (describing some moments as heartbreaking.) He tells a story about a visit from Pope Francis to a refugee camp and the desperation of a woman who broke through and made contact with the Pope.

Frustration with the situation in the third world countries

David was so frustrated with situation he was in with the refugees. It seemed like he could make no difference. It was then that God had David met Muhammad. Over time David lead Muhammad to meet God. That was an emotional high and David realized these were the moments God was preparing him for. 

David then closes in prayed.

About this Message Series

This is a message in a series called Hear & Obey. This series was started in January 2017.