We’re going to blow something up!

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Hey parents – wouldn’t it feel good to blow something up? I’m don’t mean the kind of blow-up you do when you’re angry but the kind of destruction that clears the way for something new and innovative. I’m talking about a re-start or a do-over. One thing that could use a little blowing up is our understanding of how our kids grow in faith.

Who is going to introduce Jesus to your kids?

As parents, we desire to send our kids off with a deep relationship with Jesus. We know they need that experience of knowing their sins are forgiven and the joy of experiencing him in everyday life. But who will introduce Jesus to your kids? A youth leader, or a children’s leader, or maybe a youth pastor? As parents we are so busy with the day-to-day that it feels great to get help from the “experts” in spiritual matters. This is what the church is for, right?

BOOM! Blowing up the old concept

This is where I want to blow up the concept of how we look at growing our children’s faith. Imagine if conversations about God, the Bible, and faith started in your home—between you and your kids—and then those conversations continued at church.

Church is the last place you should start talking about Jesus

Recently I saw a conversation start at my home about God and then continue at church. It was with my son. Over dinner we had a chat about the refugees who are fleeing Syria. My son was moved to tears and felt like he wanted to do something to help. We began talking about how he thought God wanted him to respond. A few days later during SR Kids at church his small group leader asked kids to share experiences where they had seen that God is real. Through that conversation, my son suddenly realized that it had actually been God who had been speaking to him about the refugees. God was asking him to help in some way. This experience started from a conversation at home, was continued at church, and my son recognized the power of God’s influence for the very first time.

Parents are the conversation starters

Lasting faith in kids happens more often when parents are the conversations starters and primary influencers about faith. Don’t make me pull out the research papers to prove it. And you don’t have to be an expert to begin. It is so simple: start praying, and then start a conversation about God, the Bible or faith.

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About the Author

Elizabeth is the family ministry director at SouthRidge. If Elizabeth has an obsession, it’s this: to see children fall in love with Jesus, just as she has, and experience the joy and strength that He offers in every stage of life. As if dealing with hundreds of children and volunteers each week isn’t adventure enough, her latest ambition is to learn to kite surf.