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Every year we hire Student Summer Interns and this summer is no exception.  We are excited to continue this program and help students develop their leadership ministry skills, while focusing on spiritual growth and discipleship.

What is the summer internship all about?

Many of our Student Summer Interns have benefited tremendously by the intentionality and customization of taking the student from where they are at and helping them take their next steps in their walk with Christ.  Our heart is to help the student intensify in some areas to explore whether a greater commitment to ministry is the right next step in their future.  Some of these interns have even become staff here at SouthRidge! 

Our interns get experience in many areas including tailored ministry opportunities to their passions, as well as full involvement in the SouthRidge Soccer Camp.  Interns look forward to the days of Prayer, hearing and learning from many of our SouthRidge staff, even attending staff meetings!  Some of our interns have also contemplated calling to full-time ministry, and this internship is a great way to explore that calling!

When does it start?

May 1st, 2018

Can I do a volunteer internship?

Yes, but we will only be accepting a maximum of 2 volunteer positions.

How do I apply?

We are accepting applications now until April 15th, 2018. 

Fill out an application form, and email that along with your resume to Pastor Wes by the 15th to be considered! 

Application Form
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