Jesus is greater than me

Web Team Marc Kinna, Message, This verse changed my life


Passage – John 3:30

Marc starts by taking a selfie with the crowd and speaks about our “selfie” culture.

Jesus must become greater and we must become less. He must become greater; I must become less. John the Baptist’s followers struggled with this once Jesus’ fame increased.

John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit since birth. He didn’t struggle with being over shadowed by Jesus. John was bold yet balanced. He stuck up for morality and God’s law, yet never wanting fame and personal success.

For Jesus to become greater we need a greater understanding of Jesus. John knew Jesus and all about Jesus’ role. He recognises that Jesus has more to offer him, than he has to offer Jesus.

It is counter to our western culture to want someone else to become greater and our own status to become demolished.

Who is Jesus? He is the son of God. He was also perfect.

What did Jesus do? He is the sacrifice, like a perfect lamb, which bore the blame and penalty of our sins (our lack of being perfect). Yet Jesus was blameless. He did not commit a sin.

What does he offer? He reconciled us to God. He made it possible to be perfect before God because Jesus took the blame and bore the debt of our sins.

Our new vision statement: our new vision  helps us determine whether we are making Jesus greater and us becoming less.  SouthRidge will turn outward and live God’s purpose so our community will experience God.

Our lives must show our neighbours, friends, and family that Jesus must become greater. Our joy will increase without bounds as a result of lifting Jesus up and diminishing ourselves. We will prepare the way for others to find Jesus.

Our comfort zone must be abandoned so that Jesus can become greater. Our priorities must become less so that Jesus can become greater.

About the Speaker

Marc Kinna is a partner at SouthRidge and serves on our board. He is the husband to Karen Kinna, father of three children, and an avid blogger. Check out his blog here.