Lets talk kids check-in

Web Team Langley Church

We had a chance to catch up with Jon, the Children's Ministry Director here at SouthRidge, to ask him some important questions on how to use the new child check-in system and what does this actually look like for a family at SouthRidge.

Jon, is this child check in system a part of SR Connect or separate?

Good question, this Child Check-In System is indeed a part of SR Connect and will actually help us record information from Sunday morning, but in the future will allow us to connect directly with the families of specific age groups in SR Kids. 

For example: We are able to contact groups of families within SR Connect to let them know about important events coming up for their children in SR Kids.

What ages of children need to be checked in/out using this system?

Our new check in system will be for every child participating in SR Kids. This means that every precious new baby up to every energetic fifth grader need to be both checked in and out using our check in system.

We will no longer be dismissing elementary children to their parents, but requiring parents pick up their children using their parent tag with matching security code.

We believe that every child in our care is important and want to make sure that there is a safe and secure environment for them while they are in SR Kids.

When during the service do we check our children in? Is it when they are dismissed?

The recommended time to check in your children is before the service at one of our Self Check in Stations in the foyer or in the Nursery when you arrive. If we have every family sign in when kids are dismissed, we would have a nice long line up and let's be honest, nobody likes to wait in lines.

**WARNING: this does mean that you may need to be at church a few minutes early** 😱

Can my son or daughter check in themselves?

In theory yes, but NO. We are asking that parents are the ones checking in their children each week so they can indicate who's cell phone we can text if we need to get a hold of them or in an emergency, also showing your parent tag is the only way you are able to pick up your child.

What happens if I lose my parent tag?

Then your kids have to stay here till the next day! Just Kidding, but some of you actually started to plan out how you are going to  "accidentally" lose your tag.

If you lose your tag you will just need to visit either the SR Kids Welcome Desk or the Foyer Welcome desk with photo id so we can verify who you are and print you a new tag. 

 Are the family security codes the same each week?

There is a different security codes generated each week which is how the system is designed to keep your children safe and secure. 

 Where do I go to check in my children?

There are two self-check-in stations in the foyer across from the welcome desk that you can use to check in your or if you have a child in the Nursery, there is a self-check in station there too.

AND….. if you are running late and completely forgot to check in your kids in the foyer, there is one self- check in station that you can use upstairs. But this station is only for those mornings when everyone was have a hard time getting out the door.