Greg and Sarah have been married for 10 years and have three kids. Benji (7), Emily (4), and one due to arrive in early July. Sarah is creative and caring - she loves music, photography, and spending time in conversations with new and old friends. Benji is kind and resilient - he loves pizza and swimming. Emily is sweet and spicy - she loves Pad Thai and dancing. The little one on the way loves amniotic fluid. Greg likes to read, cook, stay in the loop of what is happening in professional sports, and watch a variety of films, television shows, and musicals. His passions are to live as a follower of Jesus, love his family and community, and help people understand the life of apprenticeship to Jesus; and he believes biblical literacy, theological acumen, and spiritual formation are three essential pillars to help us live and love like Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.
Greg will be joining SouthRidge as our new Discipleship Pastor at the end of August. We're excited to welcome them to our team!
Update: Baby Oliver arrived in early July. Mom and baby are doing well.