Sabo and Brenda are blessed with a dynamic blend of family. They met in Perth, Australia where they both served as full-time missionaries for around 15 years with Youth With a Mission. They have been married for 12 years and have three beautiful daughters.
Sabo, a Nigerian born musician, is a worshipper with the heart of a missionary. He has a deep love for the Lord and a heart for others to know the true nature and character of God. He is passionate about seeing the nations of the earth worshipping the Creator of the universe and helping others use their talents to glorify God. Sabo also loves coffee, movies, football (soccer), and website development.
Brenda is a Canadian with a heart for the nations; a worshipper who loves God and serving Him with her whole heart. She is loving and empathetic in nature, someone who takes care of others and loves encouraging individuals in their identity in God. She loves art, photography, being outdoors, and meaningful moments of connections with others.
Malaika (10) is turning 11 in December. Malaika is very creative and absolutely loves anything art related. She is loyal, has a big heart, and loves blessing others with her art.
Lidiya (8) will be 9 in November. Lidiya is fearless, not afraid to try anything, and is very thoughtful and kind. She loves swimming, reading, Sun Hang Do, and super spicy food!
Nanret (5) will be starting kindergarten this fall. Nanret is a worshipper, she loves singing, dancing, and watching her daddy rehearse. She is sweet and silly, adventurous and caring.
Sabo will be joining SouthRidge Fellowship as our new Worship Pastor starting September 1. We're so excited to welcome them to our team!