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Memorization often has a rote reputation to it. It can often be synonymous with watching paint dry, water boil, or standing in too long of a line. It is often at the end of a list of priorities to get to on a rainy day.

There is one problem to this reputation, it simply not true. We memorize things all the time. Lyrics to songs, codes, numbers, PIN’s, routes to work, button combinations to video games, recipes, (or more specifically coffee recipes) and so many more. I memorize these things because it makes something more convenient, profitable, or enjoyable.

So why is bible memorization often left out of this second list of things? Because we do not believe it isn’t convenient, profitable and enjoyable. But who told us that?

When the bible tells us about the bible/God’s Word, it often refers to it as living water (Psalm 1:3), or a bubbling spring (John 4:14) or a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105) . All things that seen to be convenient, profitable and enjoyable.

Somewhere along the way we convinced ourselves and have been convinced that it simply isn’t worth it. There is no need to center our life upon it, because we can get by with water every once in a while and a flashlight that barely holds a charge.

Simply put, I think think I often am convinced that I have everything under control with the knowledge already stored in my head to live my life. But I simply need more of the water and the light that is the word of God directing my every step and nourishing my every cell. Memorization brings the water and the light into every moment.

Grace and Peace,
Ben Kirlik