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Web Team Message, Todd Chapman

Please note: Unfortunately, there were some audio recording issues this week so the message audio is partially distorted. Sorry about that.

The Challenge

Believe in the hope God gives us, endure through struggles by depending on God, and share about Jesus.


Passage – 1 Peter 1

Todd starts with a video about a woman who was dying of dimensia and she decided to take her own life. Todd starts a discussion on the concept of Hope.

What is hope?

1. Hope is being born again.
Through Christ we are born again. To be given a new birth. If you were given a “re-start” what would you do different? It means to have a second chance because Jesus Christ gives up the ability to rise up from our failures. Christ dealt with sin and allows us to rise up. (Romans 8:1-2) And this is only possible through God’s great mercy.

2. Our hope is a living hope – 1 Peter 1:2-3
The power of the resurrection of Jesus gives him the power to give life where there is no life (eg: Lazarus, “I am the resurrection and the life”). We serve a God who is living and who brings life.

3. Our hope is in an inheritance – 1 Peter 1:4-5
Todd brings out a wooden statue and explains he hopes to have it as an inheritance. It is a wood carving from his parent’s house. Todd explains the personal importance of this object to his family. Todd explains that God provides us an inheritance that is a relationship with him. It is for always, never changing.

The Challenger of our hope
Todd asks, “Why don’t we have hope? What convinces you that you don’t have hope?”
Reality – our trials, our life situation, that all feel overwhelming. It tries to take our hope away, that Jesus cannot be our saviour.

Todd challenges us to believe in the hope God gives us, endure through our struggles by depending on God, and sharing about Jesus.

About the Speaker

Todd works at our Pacific Fellowship head office that supports and leads 100 church in BC and Yukon. He is also our Senior Pastor Brent Chapman‘s younger brother.