Why your next step should be baptism

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In Christian culture today we get baptism so confused.  There are several reasons for this, below I share 5 reasons why

1. Baptism is sometimes seen as conversion

Don't be confused, baptism is not conversion and is not what makes someone a Christian.  Baptism is more like a second step of publicly declaring something outwardly what has already happened  inwardly.  First we must come to Jesus in prayer to surrender to Him (Romans 10:9-10), confessing sin and handing your life over to Him to lead you.  Many people over the years have come to me thinking they are Christians and want to get baptized, not realizing that they haven't prayed to receive Christ. Their heart has been moved by Jesus but had not understood what following Jesus starts with.  Doing step 1 before step 2 is a must.

2. Baptism is unnecessary because of being baptized as an infant.

Infant or Paedo-Baptism is not what we call baptism in our church.  Often churches with those traditions would even agree that this type of baptism is more like a dedication to the Lord and to the local church.  We believe in 'believer's baptism' which requires someone to come to Christ first, then be baptized.  Infants cannot choose this (for obvious reasons) and therefore we would not consider this baptism as a true baptism.  Yes, we will baptize you for the first time if you have been infant-baptized.  If this is you, do you want to sign up for our next baptism? 😉

3. Baptism needs you to first prove your loyalty to Christ.

No, you do not need to do or be anything before you get baptized, other than a committed believer.  Some people get hung up on this when they are thinking of deciding to follow Jesus for the first time, or be baptized.  If you waited for a time that you are "good enough", you would end up waiting your whole life.  Instead, think of it as coming to Jesus and allowing Him to transform you (Romans 12:1-2).

4. Baptism is not important to Jesus.

Huh, if you believe this... how do you explain Jesus' own baptism?  Look here (Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-13, Luke 3:21-22).

5. Baptism is not necessary. 

Yes it is.  One of the last things Jesus said was to go tell about him, make disciples and have them be baptized. Yes, yes it is important. (Matthew 28:19-20)

With those 5 reasons in mind, and if the Holy Spirit has convicted you, it's time to join our baptism class and take the next step in your walk with Jesus. Our baptism class is on May 28th at 7pm.

And what better way than to be baptized outside at Crescent Beach on June 10th at 6pm?! Did you know that in 3 years we have baptized 41 people at this beach and plan to do 9+ more this year?
You can be part of this amazing experience and part of our unique identity as SouthRidge. Is it time for you to take the next step?