Organizing the 2014 Fall Carnival

Web Team Langley Church

Quick fire questions with Jon Grochowski about the Fall Carnival on Oct 25, 2014.

SouthRidge has made a tradition of putting on a great event to celebrate the fall and everything western. Jon, our new director of the SR Kids program, has been handed the sheriff badge and given all authority to create this year’s event, which is 5pm on Oct 25th.

Question 1. For someone who has never been to our fall carnival, can you describe it?

The fall carnival is simply an evening where the whole family can dress up together and then go have some fun.

The carnival is a family atmosphere. Right off the bat you’ll be greeted by the greeting team and the sweet smell of popcorn popping. You and your family can make your way through the carnival at your own pace and play over 15 different activities for kids of all ages. We’ve got games like trying to throw a cowboy hat onto a cactus, and fishing for treats at the old fishin’ hole. There is areas for your family to sit down and enjoy some hotdogs, cotton candy and a paid concession. This night is something that you and your family can enjoy together and can look forward to every year.

Q2: So what’s new for this year?

A2: This year we are super excited because we’ve created an outdoor maze for the whole family to enjoy. You and your family are equipped with a flashlight and glow sticks and then have the challenge of navigating your way through the maze.

Q3: If I’ve got young kids, is there something for them?

A3: There sure is. Even the youngest cowboys and cowgirls can participate in some of the activities including pinning the badge on the sheriff. We will also have a fun family photo station to capture some memories.

A4: Is it mandatory to dress up in the western theme?

A4: Nope, it is not mandatory to dress up in western theme, but it sure is a whole lot of fun. We do recommend that all cowboys leave their pistols at home for this event.

Q5. Last question, Why does SouthRidge put this on?

A5: That’s a good question. We put on the Fall Carnival every year because we want to provide an opportunity where families in our church and in our community can come and spend time together having some fun and creating memories. At SouthRidge we value and want to support families, so we’ve made it part of our mission to champion healthier families.