Summer Camp

We know that there is nothing quite like experiencing an incredible week away at summer camp and at SouthRidge we want to make sure every child has a chance to go.

Camp by memory

Are you a student in Grade 3-10? If you are, you can earn a portion of your cost for Summer Camp! All you have to do is memorize a list of Bible verses throughout the year. Easy right?

This year's sign up is complete. Please watch next year for your chance to sign up.


Qwanoes Camperships

These camperships are designed for kids wishing to attend Qwanoes summer camp.

Qwanoes is a youth-focused high adventure Christian residential camp which consists of wild action and pure fun, sun-soaked days, friends, great food, and all in a spectacular setting. What makes a week at Qwanoes so special? We love kids! And we’re built from the ground up for kids to experience an unforgettable life-changing week. Step out of the everyday and soar into another world!

Who qualifies for camperships?

  • Desire to attend Camp Qwanoes
  • Would not be able to attend camp without extra support

Applications deadline was March 31st