Men's program - The Shop

Men’s group in Langley – we call it The Shop

The Shop is not a place, it’s a group of guys getting together each week for camaraderie, fun and support.

Hanging out, talkin’ shop, vault of manliness

We hang out together because we value the idea of building a caring community. But don’t think we sit around having Dr. Phil moments together. The shop is a place where iron sharpens iron. We talk shop together. It is a safe place to discuss matters of interest and significance in our lives. Nothing is off limits and nothing leaves the shop. It’s like a vault of manliness!

We only want regular dudes

Whether you are 18 or 80 we’re accepting application. HA! Who are we kidding, there is no application process to join the shop. It’s open to all males 18 and up regardless of your religious background or connection.

It is the truth, He’s the man

We believe that the ultimate example of what manliness looks like was demonstrated by Jesus. And that a true Jesus follower is someone who is authentic, open, courageous and honest in their walk with God. While you don’t have to be a Christian to attend the shop, you’re going to be rubbing shoulders with some hardcore Jesus followers.


You have 2 nights to choose from, Tuesdays or Thursdays; both start at 7pm.


Contact Rob Brynjolfson at to get the address and more information.

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