No matter where you’re at on your faith journey,
you belong here!

Our vision is to see every woman follow Jesus daily, bravely take risks, and live out her faith to the world around her. We don’t believe she’s meant to do that alone. We do REAL life. Together.

We believe our relationship to God and one another is vital to our spiritual growth. And in community, we can best bravely encourage and spur one another on. God’s word is our foundation. Prayer is indispensable. And caring and serving each other is what we do. As we follow Jesus daily, we endeavor to live authentically genuine lives. We laugh, love and lead others to Jesus. Together.

You’ll discover Jesus, the bible, your spiritual gifts, mentoring opportunities and leadership development.

Through Christ, our beauty is found in our unity. Through Him, anything is possible.
Reach out and find community today. We can’t wait to meet you!

We follow Jesus daily. We bravely take risks. Together. for eternity.

Julie and Lisa

REAL Mornings | Bible Study

Join us this summer as we Chill, Chat and Pray through the Book of Matthew. Connect any Wednesday morning this summer from 8:30am – 9:30am on Zoom. We know you’ll be blessed by discovering this gospel in chapter chunks while learning with others! Simply read the chapter we’re on for the week and come ready to listen or discuss!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discovery of God’s word
  • A group you can meet, share and pray with
  • Inspiration for REAL life

All are welcome to join in on the conversation and discover community and friendship. Find encouragement with women who do REAL life together.

Follow us at ‘SouthRidge REAL Mornings | REAL Evenings Facebook group. For the Zoom link contact us here

REAL Fitness

Want to stay fit? Subscribe to or watch a workout at Unityfit by Shar anytime!

Women’s Community Group (CC+ Group)

Children, Circuit training, Coffee, Chocolate, whatever! It’s always Community + Christ at the centre – and there are a number of groups that meet – just for women – at different times throughout the week. See current gatherings below and contact SouthRidge Connect or and we will do our best to help you find the best fit for you!

Prayer (Wake Up Deborah) – IN PERSON

Join women who join hearts to pray faithfully each month for children and loved ones

SouthRidge Women champions the vision of WakeUp Deborah, a prayer movement whose motto is: “Parents on their knees, Children on their feet.”
We welcome any woman who is a biological parent, foster parent, grandparent, teacher or friend to partner with like-minded women to pray in a safe space for their loved ones (children or other) to ultimately bring revival in our families, churches and nations. Meet with like-minded women for an encouraging night of prayer.


Perhaps you’ve been hoping to be mentored…and have never been asked. Or maybe you’ve been longing to share your life experience and encourage someone intentionally…but you’re just not sure where to start. SouthRidge Women are committed to helping you make a connection. Stay tuned for future events and please be sure to let us know your interest in this topic. We want to hear from you. To watch our last event from June 8, 2019 (titled What If?) on YouTube – Click Here

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Love God. Join hands. Make an eternal impact

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