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Our vision is to see every woman follow Jesus daily, bravely take risks, and live out her faith to the world around her. We don't believe she's meant to do that alone. We do REAL life. Together.

We believe our relationship to God and one another is vital to our spiritual growth. And in community, we can best bravely encourage and spur one another on. God's word is our foundation. Prayer is indispensable. And caring and serving each other is what we do. As we follow Jesus daily, we endeavor to live authentically genuine lives. We laugh, love and lead others to Jesus. Together.

We invite you to join the tribe! Here's how you can plug in:

REAL Mornings | REAL Evenings - Romans Bible Study

Study the book of ROMANS this year! It begins September 22 and 23, but you can jump in ANY time to ANY group:

Wednesday Morning - 9:30-11:00am - IN PERSON at the Church

Wednesday Evening - 7:30-8:30pm - On ZOOM

Thursday Morning - 10:00-11:00am - On ZOOM

Be sure to let us know which group you want to join and we'll get you connected to your leader.

REAL Women | YouTube Channel

Can't make it to a study? If any of our planned meet times don't work for you, choose from a number of our FREE Bible Studies - taught by Linda Murdoch. They're all on YouTube - so you can do it on your own or better yet, with friends! So be sure to subscribe and hit that share button!

REAL Community - Friday Morning Acts Bible Study

Currently we have one other community studying the Book of ACTS. Its never too late to join this incredible group of ladies Friday Mornings - 10:00am-11:00am | In Person - Murrayville.

Social Media | Stay Connected

REAL Women Facebook Group - All events listed here
REAL Women Facebook Page - General info
REAL Mornings | REAL Evenings Facebook Group - Romans Study
REAL Women Instagram

So tap that finger or click that mouse to get connected! At the very least you'll find encouragement, and at the most we believe you'll find life transformation.

In Jesus, our beauty is found in our unity. Through Him, anything is possible. So please reach out and join our community today!

Relationship. Encouragement. Authenticity. Laughter.
REAL Fitness | Unity Fit by Shar

Facebook Group
Our very own Sharlynne is a certified group training leader offering FREE fitness classes on Facebook and YouTube.

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