Pursuing the King

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Summary of Pursuing the King


Kirk gives a humorous introduction to how another speaker from SouthRidge (Marc Kinna) almost stole the concept of Kirk’s message. Kirk refocuses us on recapping on the previous message on Reconciliation.

Amnon and Absalom

Amnon had unhealthy feelings towards his half sister. He ends up raping her and then Absalom kills Amnon. Absalom flees his father (and justice) King David. After many years King David and Absalom have a poor relationship. Absalom has bitterness grow inside him. Absalom attempts to overthrows his  father as king. And it works, he declares himself king.

2 Samuel 15:19-22

King David, while fleeing, he stops at a house and speaks to one of his supporters Ittai. This house was filled with mercenaries who were faithful to King David. David suggests that they abandon David. But Ittai refuses to abandon David. Ittai and his whole house of mercenaries and the mercenaries’ families flee along side David.

Ittai and his faithfulness

As Christians we are called to live our lives in humble obedience and serve to Christ. Ittai is a great example of humble obedience to God’s anointed one. Ittai was eventually promoted by David and he was given great status, but our goal shouldn’t be the “glory” given for obedience. We must remember that we are all getting an amazing gift: eternal life with God in his heaven. (John 6:40)

There is no one worth following other than Jesus.

We are prone to go our own way, seeking our own glory

Micah 6:8 gives us great advice on how to seek God instead of our own glory. Jesus, in the New Testament Gospels, is recorded asking his own followers if they are willing to follow him. Their reply is inspiring: saying they realized that they had nowhere else to go because Jesus was the only “right” person to follow.

Jesus Christ is God’s anointed one.

About this Message Series

Our summer message series this year is “Stories BC”! And no we won’t be listening to Pastor Brent Chapman tell personal stories all summer long, it is even better than that.  We are sharing stories of people who lived before Jesus Christ,  learning from their lessons of faith, generosity, courage and trust in God.  Join us each week for a new story!

About the Speaker

Kirk Wood is the associate pastor of community engagement at SouthRidge Church in Langley. He grew up loving hockey and even became a pro hockey ref, as well as a fire fighter, all before becoming a pastor.