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Sharing about God to our kids

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I remember many years ago when my now husband, then boyfriend, said to me “You’re actually fun.” I’m still not sure if that was a compliment or not. I guess I was fun enough that he married me.

I’m actually boring!

The thing is I am a little boring—I love my routines. I have routines built into every part of my life—how I do my hair, when I exercise, how I make my coffee. Actually my routines around coffee could be called slightly obsessive. (Maybe I’ll blog about that soon.) But seriously, routines help me accomplish everything I want to accomplish in a day.

Routines to help you see God

One routine I am trying to cultivate is making it a habit to look for where God is working every day. This is helping me see that God is present, faithful and strong which encourages and strengthens my faith. It helps me to see the things that happen in my day through God’s eyes.

That in itself is a pretty cool result of this routine but I’ve realized I was missing something… I was keeping this to myself.

What if…I started sharing?

What if I started to say out loud what I saw God doing? What if I started to point out to my kids what I saw God doing? What if I said out loud how I saw Him at work and how he’d answered my prayers or ways he’d shown up in someone else’s life? I started to make it a routine to share God working stories with them.

Sharing became infectious

I remember sometime after I started doing this one of my kids came home from church all excited because they had shared a story about where they had seen God working that week. Another one of my kids came home from school and excitedly told me how God had answered their prayer. Another kid pointed out to me how God had protected someone. When we say what God is doing out loud, it helps others begin to see his hand in their lives too.

Here are some good questions to ask ourselves:

  • Is God part of my everyday language?
  • Am I experiencing God at work in my own life?
  • Am I saying out loud to my family how I am experiencing God?

Start a new routine!

  1. Share at dinner time or at a time that works for your family or just out of the blue how you saw God working today.
    Pray at bedtime with your kids. Talk about prayer requests they have and point out later how God answered prayer. Encourage them to pray when they have a problem.
    Sign up for the SRU course Discipleship at Home on February 22 where we will discuss doable routines for helping your kids grow in their faith.

About the author

Elizabeth is the Family Ministries Director at SouthRidge. If Elizabeth has an obsession, it’s this: to see families fall in love with Jesus — just as she has. Elizabeth is passionate about helping families experience the joy and strength that Jesus offers in every stage of life. She’s been working with children and families at SouthRidge since 2001. Families following Jesus is her passion but a few of her other favorite things are caffeine coffee, book clubs, and hiking.