My name is Dennis
Grieving is a challenging series of emotions that we have in response to a significant loss in our lives.
When we think of grieving, we naturally think of it in terms of someone dying and the emotional responses to that. In this series I have taken that approach to grief and I talk about how we deal with the death of someone very close to us. It is important to note, however, that we grieve over many things and that many of the aspects of grief that I talk about in this series can apply to suffering loss in other areas of our lives. The loss of divorce or an important job or even just a significant relationship can bring about stages of grief.
These thoughts on grief could help so why not check them out and see if there is something here for you? My hope is that you will find encouragement.
Stage 1: Shock & Denial
Stage 2: Anger & Bargaining
Stage 3: Pain & Guilt
Stage 4: Depression, Reflection & Loneliness
Stage 5: Acceptance
Dennis was previously our Director of Care Ministry here at SouthRidge. His gift for listening to people and helping them through difficult situations was such an asset to the church and our community.