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A summary of 2016 [Infographic]

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It is the end of February already?! Where has the time gone? Wasn’t it just 2016?

As 2017 begins to fly by, we spent some time during the recent partnership meeting held on February 26 at 7 pm to look back at how God had challenged us and how he had blessed SouthRidge.
With our new vision statement, we have broken down the infographic into three sections: (1) turn outward, (2) living God’s purpose, and (3) experiencing God.

Turn Outward

What does turn outward mean? As a group of Jesus followers we want to love God, and change the world: one life at a time. This means we must engage with our community. While we understand the importance of raising up new believers and leaders within SouthRidge, we can’t forget to share the gospel with those people we spend every day with — our neighbours and friends.

2016 – Turn outwards


  • 26 new believers (note: that makes a total of 66 since 2014!)
  • 33 baptisms
  • 152 connection cards were filled out
  • 10,008 unique internet users came through our virtual front door (visited our website.)

Full infographic

We’re going to do another blog post about Living God’s purpose and Experiencing God. So keep an eye out for those two posts. But if you want the full infographic now, here it is!


Download the full infographic