Taboo: Jesus

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Summary of Taboo: Jesus


Brent begins by explaining that the smoke and smell that was brewing in the worship area was from an iPhone 7 that burst into flame. (The audience was all wondering what the smell was.) Brent then transition into the message. He explained the reasoning behind this message series: Taboo.

Jesus is taboo

Brent explains that there are certain things about Jesus that are “okay” to believe in and other concepts about Jesus that are taboo.

Our culture’s reaction to having a difference of opinion

In our culture it has become increasingly difficult to have a difference of opinion. When someone cries out against the current concepts of “correctness” this person would be a troublemaker.

Taboo number one about Jesus: you need to be saved

The concept of “being saved” implies that you need to be saved. It implies that you are a sinner. (Romans 3:23) Why is sinning such a big deal? Because we are all designed to be in a relationship with God and our sin separates us from our God (and our true purpose.) When we sin, we fall short of the standard that God has set. God wants perfection (perfection in holiness.) God’s standard is not about being “good enough.”

Being “good enough” is not perfection

Brent reminds the audience of a time when  SouthRidge did Evangelism Explosion and we went door to door asking random people if they were going to heaven: everyone said they were good enough.

By yourself, you can’t gain perfection; you can’t save yourself

When Jesus came the Jews thought their Messiah would free them from under Roman rule and not bring spiritual salvation. They didn’t even realize they needed spiritual salvation. (They had old testament law which they had followed for years.) Instead, Jesus came to get the Jews out of a position they couldn’t get out of by themselves. The old testament law wasn’t working! Only a true perfect sacrifice would work. The truth: we cannot create or construct our own salvation from God’s “debt requirement”. Jesus paid the debt; he paid the dept for all and not just the Jews. All we have to do is accept his payment on our behalf.

Taboo number two: Jesus is the only way to God

“Jesus is the only way to God.” What this statement implies is that all other religions are wrong. Brent explains the concept of truth. Truth is narrow and precise and factual. So when Jesus proclaims that he is “the way, the truth, and the life…” is explains that he is truthfully the only way to God.

Taboo number three: Jesus rose from the dead

Jesus’ resurrection seems so impossible, yet it is the cornerstone of our belief (1 Corinthians 15:1-8). Easter is the most important day to our Christian faith. Without the resurrection of Jesus we have nothing, and no hope, and no saving from our sins.

Resource: Lee Strobel’s Case for Christ

Taboo number four: Jesus calls you to deny yourself

(Like 9: 23) Jesus asks us to deny our own personal passions and desires and follow God’s passions and desires. We have to reject our own personal goals and accept God’s goals. We must stop pretending to love God and actually love God. We must turn our life over to God and follow Jesus.

Brent challenges the pretenders that are in the audience to truly love God and live a life of sacrifice.

About this Message Series

This is the first message in a series called Taboo 2017. This series was started in April 2017, with the purpose to bring to light all the topics we like to hide in the dark. This is the third Taboo series of messages that covers the most awkward topics in church culture.

About the Speaker

Brent is the lead pastor here at SouthRidge. He and his wife Pam were part of the original church plant.