When we forget God

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Summary of When we forget God


Elizabeth introduces herself and explains her role as family ministries director at SouthRidge. She also talked about how she was camping with her husband and three children for three weeks. She loves how camping brings out deep questions from her children and husband.

Deep spiritual questions from a little girl

Elizabeth tells a story how she overheard a little girl say to her mother that she was afraid of God. Elizabeth didn’t know this little girl or the mother and she couldn’t talk to her or the mother at that time –because it was in a public washroom at a camp site. She never got a chance to explain God’s love and explain who Jesus was.

Exodus Chapter 16

The events of this story happened about a month after they were freed from their slavery in Egypt. Their Exodus out of Egypt was miraculous. They saw so many acts of God. They had seen the power of God and his faithfulness. (Exodus 14:31) Yet after all of this the Israelites started complaining. They grumbled over and over again no matter how God provided for them. They even start to wish for slavery instead of freedom (Ex 16:3).

God heard their grumbling and still provided

God hears their grumbling. They weren’t crying out in desperation but instead they were grumbling out of self pity and entitlement. Yet God was generous and God doesn’t show any sign of malice.

A lack of trust from his people

The people were instructed to trust that God would provide each day. They were told to not hoard the mana. Yet his people did not trust him. God’s reaction was not to punish or remove his generosity by stopping the mana. Instead his new goal was to teach his people about trusting him and that he is faithful. God continues to provide for over 40 years until they reached the promised land.

A token of remembrance

Elizabeth suggests that we put up little reminders of God’s faithfulness. The Israelites took a collection of mana as a reminder. We should remember that God provides and that he is trustworthy. For the Israelites this story was always told to remind them of God’s provision and his faithfulness (Neh  9:19-20, John 6:35)

Jesus is the bread of life

The story of God’s provision of mana is a great example of how Jesus is an everlasting supply of mana. While the mana stopped each day and ended after 40 years, Jesus is an everlasting supply of “mana.” He satisfies our spiritual hunger. He will fully satisfy our deepest spiritual desires for a greater purpose.

Remember what God has done in the past and trust him to be that God again. We need to remember his track record.

Angry at God for how he is providing

But perhaps you are like the Israelites and angry with how he is currently providing for you. Perhaps you don’t understand how he is providing. Please continue to cry out to God and wait for his reply.

About this Message Series

Our summer message series this year is “Stories BC”! And no we won’t be listening to Pastor Brent Chapman tell personal stories all summer long, it is even better than that.  We are sharing stories of people who lived before Jesus Christ,  learning from their lessons of faith, generosity, courage and trust in God.  Join us each week for a new story!

About the speaker

Elizabeth is the director of children’s programs at SouthRidge. If Elizabeth has an obsession, it’s this: to see children fall in love with Jesus, just as she has, and experience the joy and strength that He offers in every stage of life. As if dealing with hundreds of children and volunteers each week isn’t adventure enough, her latest ambition is to learn to kite surf.