Who betrays Jesus?

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The Challenge

Get rid of the anger and hate in your life and allow Jesus to radically change your reaction to the betrayals in your life to forgiveness and allow Jesus to bring you healing.


Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the person who is behind you. If you have a relationship with someone, at some point that person will betray you. As parents we sometimes betray our own kids when we don’t fulfill on our promises. Today we focus on betrayal.

“Betrayal” is usually thought of when it relates to a close friend who can do serious damage. Psychologists refer to this as trauma, similar to that of PTSD. But with betrayal, it isn’t feat (as in PTSD), but anger! This anger will darken our soul and corrupt our happiness.

We then focus on Judas’ betrayal of Jesus in Mark 14:43-52.

The ruling elite, the leaders of the Sanhedrin, organize the capture and arrest of Jesus. Consider how frustrating it would have been for Jesus during the days leading up to this event because Jesus knew that Judas would be instrumental in this event. Yet Jesus didn’t change how he treated Judas.

Who else betrays Jesus on that night? All the disciples and those with Jesus deserted him and fled.

How many of us are just like Judas and follow Jesus until its no longer beneficial and then turn and mock him with our life and flee from him? We are all like Judas. And how many of us are like the disciples who claim to follow Jesus no matter what but flee from Jesus when its not comfortable.

Some people believe that the man who flees naked is a fulfillment of Amos 2:11.

Each and everyone of us is exposed to God. He knows everything about us. We cannot hide our problems, our secrets, and our hidden thought-life.

Peter’s response to the betrayal of Jesus is anger and then aggression. Peter attacks one of the mob and cuts off the ear of a servant. Peter’s reaction is our usual reaction.  Jesus’ reaction is to stop the violence and then care for one of those who came in the mob. Then much later Jesus demonstrates him forgiving heart when he asks God to “forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Jesus forgives, not just those who arrested him, those opposed him, but also those friends who loved him yet betrayed him.

About the Speaker

Brent Chapman is the lead pastor at SouthRidge Church in Langley. As a young man he was a painter–the kind that painted walls not canvass. Then God tapped him on the shoulder and changed the direction of his life forever.

About the Mark Series

The Mark Series was started in January of 2013 with the purpose of learning about the man who claimed to be God’s son. This series of messages will cover Jesus’ life, his values, his teachings, his actions, and his claim to be the saviour.