Welcome to your Wonder Box!
The contents of this box are intended to make your Christmas Eve just a little more special. We invite you to come back to this page on December 24 for more information regarding what's inside your Wonder Box!
Countdown to Christmas Eve Services
Welcome to Your Wonder Box
The contents of this box are meant to make your Christmas Eve just a little more special. Our hope and prayer is that you will feel just how loved you are.
Below you will find the links you need to make your Wonder Box complete.
Get ready to enjoy some Christmas music!
We have created a great Spotify playlist full of contemporary Christmas music.
So turn up the tunes, sit back and enjoy!
Click here to listen
Fold your origami star
Take out your pieces of paper that we've included in your Wonder Box and get ready to fold your very own Origami star!
Choose a service time
Now that you've got the Christmas music playing and you've folded your Origami star, take a moment to make up your hot chocolate or apple cider, open up your chocolates and choose a time to watch our Christmas Eve service.
Watch at 1:00 pm
Watch at 3:00 pm
Watch at 5:00 pm
Watch at 7:00 pm
Watch at Midnight
Join us in exploring the big questions of life and faith. This group is for people interested or not yet interested in Christianity and would like to learn more.
When: Tuesday nights on Zoom
Time: 8-9pm
Beginning January 12, 2021
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