Working Through Hurt/Loss/Pain - Death of a Loved One

These questions are designed to challenge you to dig deep, it could be very challenging and may open up some raw emotions for you. There is no right answer to this process, this is you working through it and sharing with with God.

Please don't use these to substitute talking with a professional counsellor, there are times when you will need to open up and share your story with someone who can spend time with you walking your journey.

1. What is the loss/hurt I am feeling that is reducing joy/hope in my life?

2. What are the feelings I am experiencing related to the hurt/loss affecting me?
Some examples are: Along, Angry, Anxious, Broken, Depressed, Empty, Fearful, Grieved, Heartbroken, Hopeless, Numb, Resentful, Sad, Stressed, Stretched, Worthless

3. How is this impacting my thoughts and/or my actions?
Explore thoughts on what the person meant to you, what is the significance of their loss in your life?

4. What do I feel I am missing? Is there something I can do to remind me of what my loved one did for me or others?
Share with God what specifically you are missing, what did your loved one do for you that you are longing for. If it's in your power is there a way you can do it for yourself or someone else. A way to remember/honour what this person did/meant to you.

5. What are the 1 or 2 steps/actions that I can challenge myself to complete this week?
This is a recognition that we can feel stuck in an emotional fog that makes it challenging for us to do day-to-day tasks. If you are ready, please use this as an encouragement to try and do one thing for yourself this week.

If you made it through the questions above, well done!! I know it was a challenge and I pray that God was able to help you process your loss. My hope is that, through this you were able to experience a little joy/hope as you continue to process your loss.

My last encouragement to you is to share what you have worked through with a close friend/family member, someone you trust and know will not share it, someone who will encourage/lift you up. Or you can reach out to our Pastoral Team at SouthRidge. Your friends/family/community and church want to walk alongside you.