About us

We’re a group of Jesus followers who are thrilled to get to know others interested in learning more about our awesome God. We sing contemporary Christian songs you might hear on the radio, with the occasional golden oldie thrown in for good measure. We are pretty laid back church in Langley.

Service times, style, and location

Learn when our Sunday worship services are held. We are currently on our two service schedule.

Find out what to expect prior to showing up. Learn about our worship and teaching styles.

Find out where SouthRidge Church in Langley is located, office hours, and contact options.

Even more about SouthRidge

A church is not a building. It’s people. These people here, are the foundation of our community.

Church: not a big dull stuffy institution.
Our Mission. Our Vision.

How we got here. Where we are going.
Our Mission. Our Vision.

Are you fun and slightly quirky? Then you might just be the perfect fit to join the SouthRidge staff.

There’s always something going on at SouthRidge. Find out what’s going on around our community.