Discrediting Jesus

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The Challenge

You have to choose between a safe passive discipleship or a costly discipleship.


Brent begins with a story from his grade 12 chemistry class when he was accused of cheating. He hadn’t been cheating but it appeared as if he had. Brent recalls pleading his case that he was innocent. When we are accused of something our gut reaction is to plead our case.

Focusing on Mark 14:53-65. Brent explains who the Sanhedrin. He also points out the rules and traditions that were broken to have a secret meeting to judge Jesus.

Every generation tries to discredit Jesus. Brent uses the example of the Jesus Project.

Those that discredit Jesus aren’t only those who disagree with Christianity. We, his followers, discredit Jesus when we live like hypocrites. We discredit Jesus when we “honour him with our lips but our hearts are far from him.” (Mark 7:6-13).

Brent discusses the irony that those who are trying to discredit Jesus actually point out who he really is: “Are YOU the Messiah? 2. Are YOU the Son of God?” Jesus answers: “I am.”

Peter chose safe observation over costly discipleship. Safe observation leads to denying and discrediting Jesus.

About the Speaker

Brent Chapman is the lead pastor at SouthRidge Church in Langley. As a young man he was a painter–the kind that painted walls not canvass. Then God tapped him on the shoulder and changed the direction of his life forever.

About the Mark Series

The Mark Series was started in January of 2013 with the purpose of learning about the man who claimed to be God’s son. This series of messages will cover Jesus’ life, his values, his teachings, his actions, and his claim to be the saviour.