Following Christ: The war over words

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Passage – John 6:67-68

Kirk discusses the concept of advertising and he focuses on slogans and jingles.

Jesus shares a difficult teaching lesson to his disciples. Jesus does this just prior to Him asking the disciples if they want to remain with him even when many others were leaving. He states that faith in Him is the only path to eternal life. For the full story read John 6.

The Battle with words
In our world, there is a battle over words. They can divide along political lines, on social issues, world of fashion, …etc…, and most noticeably in the matters of where you place your faith.

Jesus’ words divide people
1. Jesus’ offer of “living bread [that has] come down from heaven” is not about physical food. Jesus promises that his bread leads to eternal life (ref: John 6:47-51)
2. By claiming to be “the bread of life,” Jesus says that he is the fulfillment of what the manna given to Moses and their ancestors. Manna was only a foreshadowing of Jesus.

The reaction to Jesus’ words
Some of the reaction was that Jesus was asking that the listeners eat him and drink his blood. Even thousands of years later these statements are shocking when taken literally. Even some of Jesus’ followers reaction was that it is “a hard teaching.”

Jesus’ reaction to his followers and crowd
Jesus asks the crowd “do my words offend you?” And upon his asking the crowd leaves, yet his disciples come closer. (John 6:63-68)

To whom shall we go?
1. Don’t go to those who deny the sovereignty of God. They claim to be creators of their own faith and that all paths lead to heaven.

2. Don’t go to those who deny the power of sin . It’s not self-imposed-nonsense. Sin is real and it is selfish and wants to destroy our relationship with God. Only sincere confession and atonement will lead to redemption.

3. Don’t go to those who deny the existence of God. We are not accidental collection of matter and energy. We were divinely created and with purpose.

There is no one like Jesus. Follow Christ daily and closely.
1. If you find following Jesus easy, then praise God!
2. If you struggle to follow Jesus, know that you are not alone. We all fall short of the glory of God.
3. If you struggle with the simplicity of faith, when compared to the complexity and rationality of science, know that you are not alone in your struggles.

War over words
Whose words are we actually listening to? The crowd of 5,000 heard Jesus but they did not follow Jesus. The disciples followed even when what they heard needed faith to understand and accept.

About the Speaker

Kirk Wood is the associate pastor of community engagement at SouthRidge Church in Langley. He grew up loving hockey and even became a pro hockey ref, as well as a fire fighter, all before becoming a pastor.