From Pilate to PJ’s

Web Team Langley Church

During my message on Sunday April 19th I spoke about Pilate and his role in Jesus’ trail and eventual execution on the cross. Towards the end of the message I challenged listeners to incorporate Bible reading into their daily lives – but not just reading the Bible, also learning from it.

Reading the Bible is a great start to learning who Jesus really is but that’s just the start! I also challenged all parents, foster parents, grandparents to incorporate Bible reading into the bedtime routine they have established with their children, and grandchildren.

57% of SouthRidge parents are too busy to ready the Bible with their kids!

We recently did a survey and 57% of those who responded said they were too busy to read the Bible with their children. This stat should hit us hard – because it’s about us…not some obscure group of 1,000 respondents in a city far away! These are our survey results. The important take away from this stat is that a lot of us need a reminder about how important God’s Word is, not just in our own lives but in the lives of our children

Do as I do, not as I say

As parents we know our children pick up habits – good or bad – from us. Our boys leave their jackets on the chair because I leave my jacket on the chair. Setting up good habits regarding the Bible and spirituality is a must for any parent.

Jammies, teeth, potty, Bible, prayers, bed.

For Kim and I, setting up a bedtime routine with our kids has been one of the best things we could have done. Our process is simple and anyone can do it. We don’t always nail it, but it’s our goal and the pattern we’re setting. First the boys get their jammies on. When they were little we would assist, but now they can do it themselves. Then it’s teeth, potty (they don’t like that word now-“Dad, we’re too big for that!”), and into the bedroom to read their Bible devotional which is geared for their age. They love the questions that accompany the reading and it has led to great discussions afterward. Then we pray and it’s kisses and lights out. Yes, I kiss my boys goodnight. No apologies:)

Quiet times lead to great conversations

Some nights they ask me some really deep questions. Last night it was “Dad, do I have to pray for someone at school that I don’t like very much?” I don’t know all the answers but, but I know the answer to that one and I’m glad we prayed for this classmate. It’s awesome helping them figure out things regarding the God who loves them so much. You can do it too! Praying for you as you lead your children toward Jesus.


Kirk Wood is our pastor of community engagement. He’s got a passion for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and sports — more accurately, policing those who play sports. He’s an almost pro-hockey ref and he dabbles at umpiring high school and Little League baseball!