Jesus and the tomb

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The Challenge

Let go of the things in your life that are not showing your association with Jesus.


Passage – Mark 15

Wes invites all of SouthRidge to crash the youth year end beach part. He explains that there will be 9 people getting baptized in the pacific ocean. He also tells a story about his son Benjamin who asked if there is water at the beach, and then asks if he could be baptized. His son is only 5.

Our Reputation – Wes discusses the concept of reputation and self image. We discuss how things around us help define our reputation whether we want it or not. Wes tells a story that during his high school years, he was a worship leader at church when someone from his high school showed up to the service. Wes felt self conscious because he hadn’t been an obvious christian at school.

Causing offense with our association with Jesus – Wes focuses on the man Joseph of Arimathea. He was a Jew who wanted to have Jesus’ body for burial purposes.

Conclusion – Living for Jesus is the best thing you could ever do, and being bold for Him will never risk your relationship with Him.

About the Speaker

Wes Linde is the youth pastor at SouthRidge Church in Langley. He became a believer in his late teens and when God called him into youth pastoral ministries he nodded and said, “that makes total sense!”

About the Mark Series

The Mark Series was started in January of 2013 with the purpose of learning about the man who claimed to be God’s son. This series of messages will cover Jesus’ life, his values, his teachings, his actions, and his claim to be the saviour.