Kim Wood’s interesting past: from tag designer to meeting Michael Jordan.

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5 questions with Kim Wood

From being a tag designer to shaking hands with Michael Jordan, Kim Wood’s interesting past.

Kim Wood and her family are pretty new to SouthRidge. They moved here from Roswell New Mexico in August when her husband Kirk became SouthRidge’s pastor of community engagement. We have already done a quick fire question period with Kirk, and we thought it would be fun to interrogate his wife.

Quick fire questions with Kim

Question 1: You’ve been in the Langley area for a few months now. What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed between here and Roswell New Mexico? And be honest, we Canadians can take it.

Answer 1: Just things you’d notice going from a large city to a smaller city. Also the weather is different, going from hot desert to the cooler weather.

Q2. A little while ago you were at a night organized by our women’s program and they asked you a few random questions. The one that stuck out to me was your love for crime-drama TV shows. Did you ever think about becoming a cop?

A2: No no! Not a cop but I love figuring out mysteries and solving them. My secret desire is to be a flight attendant. It has always been deep inside me. I love to travel and serve people.

Q3: In the second message Kirk, your husband, delivered at SouthRidge he put a picture up on the screen showing Brent as a driver full of road rage. Was that your photoshopping skills?

A3: [Laughs] I did not photoshop Brent’s face into the picture. It must have been a coincidence that the picture looked like Brent. [Smiles]

I really love being creative. There is a sense of accomplishment and joy creating things that people like. The only class I loved in high school was Yearbook. I started to pursue art and graphic design classes in college to see if I liked it. I fell in love with it.

I interned at a TV station and was introduced to the very early editions of the Adobe programs. Then I worked at a tag and label company for 12 years. It was fun producing work that was shipped all over the world.

Currently I have a passion for creating designs and painting them on wood, canvas or other media. Don’t take me in a craft store. I get out-of-control and feel like I have to buy everything in there.

Q4. What is your favourite type of book to read?

A4: Hmm. I love autobiographies and biographies. I really like Left to Tell, and The Hiding Place. But I do enjoy reading mysteries. I also like the books of Terri Blackstock and Karen Kingbury. So I guess I like most genres. 

Q5. Final question. Have you ever met anyone famous?

A5: I did meet Jerry Mathers from Leave It To Beaver on an airplane to Dallas.

Web Team: Um…what’s Leave It To Beaver? A nature documentary or something?

Kim: Oh come on! [Sighs] I also met Michael Jordan when he played for UNC Tarheels. I have shaken both their hands and was most impressed with Michael.

Web Team: Him we know. 

(Above) Kim and her family at the 2014 Fall Carnival