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Mexico Day 3

Wes Linde Uncategorized

Buenos noches! 

Well what a great day today, full of joy, encouragement, frustration and success.  We met our family we are building for, and found out that the daughter-in-law speaks fluent English. Quite a blessing! We got very far today on the build with walls, painting and assembling for putting them up tomorrow morning.  We had everyone working hard, no slackers ha! Digging a toilet pit, building a chicken coup and assessing the family needs. 

Between the generator pull-chord breaking twice and Ben yes Ben locking his keys in the van and asking a local to break in for us, it was an eventful full day. We rewarded the team with a quick swim in the ocean and celebrated Alex’s 18 birthday!

We had a rich time of worship and prayer around the campfire with a time of sharing. 

The week is still ahead of us but I’m sure it will go fast. The Northstar and SouthRidge groups are becoming close friends and we feel the unity that Christ has given us, and the joy of working hard and playing hard together.

Here are some pictures for the day, 

Hasta la vista!