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Return of the King

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Pastor Brent speaks at SouthRidge Fellowship, in Langley BC. He speaks on 1 Thessalonians, hope, rapture, resurrection, and the gospel. This is the twelfth message in our series 1 Thessalonians.

Mexico Day 8

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Hola! This is the quick recap of our travel day.  We left Vicente Guerrero around 8:30am and ate lunch in Ensenada. We hit the Tijuana border crossing and waited in a mere 2 hour and 45 min border line up. …

Mexico Day 7

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Hola, We have reached the end of our last day in Mexico and we leave tomorrow at 8am.  This has been an incredible week and I think it can be summed up as fully God’s. We have credited everything to …

Mexico Day 6

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Hola,  Today was our final building day and was an emotional one. All of the team members worked very hard and I was so proud of all of them (and you would be too!).  We not only built a house …

Mexico Day 5

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Hola, today we finished a good chunk of the house, including most of the roof, windows are cut out and framed, and bunk beds are made. Pastor Trini and Basileo (the boy from our last build) helped us today.  Joy …

Mexico Day 4

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Hola Amigos! Another great day in Mexico, minus a few sunburns and everyone is doing well. The house? We got all the walls up, the roof panels and started painting the outside, verde! This was Inez’ choice of colour and …