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Mexico Day 5

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Hola, today we finished a good chunk of the house, including most of the roof, windows are cut out and framed, and bunk beds are made. Pastor Trini and Basileo (the boy from our last build) helped us today.  Joy is also making them a mural for the house.

One thing you have to visualize is the random vendors that set up shop near the teams. Juan who is one of the vendors there, was telling me about the field right beside our build and how it is a home for mucho grande aranas… tarantulas!  We didn’t see any but some of the team were tempted to go hiking. Juan also told us about the hills near the build site being a home for the rattlesnakes.

We had an early dinner and headed out to CASA church tonight, where we lead worship and the sermon, and also enjoyed their worship band. Lots of fervent worship and dancing! We went out for ice cream afterwars and Adrien was entertaining passers by with his backflips.

Tomorrow we finish the house and hand over the keys. 

Here are some pictures of the day.

Hasta luego,