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Mexico Day 6

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Today was our final building day and was an emotional one. All of the team members worked very hard and I was so proud of all of them (and you would be too!).  We not only built a house but a super solid chicken coup as well!

At lunch the family provided for us a meal. For perspective, this cost her about a weeks wages and she insisted that she fed us. It was amazing chicken tostadas, pinto beans and rice.  This is also a nervous thing as sometimes families offer food that Canadians will get sick with, but she ensured it was very clean and cooked with bottled water.

We had ample time in the afternoon to give kapoochi’s (piggy-backs) to the kids and soccer while waiting for the handing over of the keys to the family.

The ceremony was the emotional part, as there was very few dry eyes while we heard Inez thank the team (through translation) for her new house. Nanni who is a representative of the local government thanked our group for the work that we did in the ceremony.  My good friend Pastor Trini also prayed for the family and I believe strongly that his connection with the family will continue to grow in relationship. 

At the end of the night tonight we visited an amazing new coffee shop and had a very deep worship, prayer and sharing time. This is why the blog post is a bit later tonight.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We have a very full day tomorrow that I will share about. 

Hasta luego,